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Welcome to the Center For Great Work Performance

About Us

The Center for Great Work Performance is your strategic advisor, an evolving catalyst to propel your organization forward. As well-versed professional leaders within many Industries, Not-for-Profit, Education, and Civil Service, our team’s collective knowledge, experience, and resources empower our clients and participants through proven processes toward WorkforceSUCCESS® and Great Performing MVP®s.


Our vision around WorkforceSUCCESS® emphasizes value for our clients as we see communities, organizations, and their workforces striving for excellence and getting great results, Every Day!


Our mission and drive are to Engage, Empower, Challenge, and Energize Communities and Organizations as well as their Managers, Teachers, Administrators, and Officers in their personal quest to becoming a Great Performing MVP® – Masterful, Valuable, Professional.

We differentiate ourselves through our focus on Great Work Performance… “_____________________________________” Performance is Critical to Success.  For you, your community or your organization that might be Character-based and Competent Performance or Contribution-focused & Compliant Performance or Civic-minded & Coherent Performance or Community-engaged & Concentrated Performance or whatever you embrace critical to achieving unparalleled growth, optimum results, and absolute success.

Utilizing our unique concepts, WorkMASTERY® (Serve, Manage, Lead) and WorkSCHOOLING® (Learn, Achieve, Develop) enables us to guide our clients and participants through a customized process that develops a roadmap to getting great results.

Our complete service offering include:

Workforce Development Training & Coaching​

  • Great Performing MVP® Practicums
    Engage, Empower, Excel, and Energize​

    WorkforceSUCCESS®, WorkMASTERY®, WorkSCHOOLING® Workshops

  • Training Curriculum/Development

Workforce Engagement Strategies

Talent Acquisition – Recruitment, Staffing, Staff Augmentation (HR, Career Serv/Coaching, L&D)

Work-Based Learning/Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Performance Management/Optimization

  • CLICK360

Organizational Development Strategies


  • Salesforce

  • Digital Marketing

  • Credentials/Badging/Certifications


  • Salesforce

  • CLICK360

  • API integration

Other Workshops/Speaking Engagements


Other Consultation

  • Strategy, L&D, DEI, etc.


All said and done…the Center for Great Work Performance helps you focus on what you can do best…What can we do for you?


The Founders at the Center for Great Work Performance have paved the way in Industry, education, not-for-profit, and community engagement. All are seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built, managed, and sold companies from startup to over $200 million in revenue. As a team, they have combined their energies, experiences, talents, resources and skills to deliver efficient, functional, and practical solutions to drive towards achieving and optimizing great work performance.

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