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Doug Goodwin 

Doug has 25+ years of professional experience leading technical and customer strategy. His focus is implementing solutions to serve workforce needs and people development. As an agent of change leader, he is skilled in managing the many elements of business transformation in the domains of people, process, and technology.


Doug is a co-founder of ApprenticeshipWorx, now part of the Center for Great Work Performance. AppWorx initially started out as a means for educating and advocating for experiential, work-based learning and apprenticeship program awareness has grown into an Ambassador and Intermediary helping employers, students/employees, government agencies, and education/training providers create and implement registered apprenticeship programs with national standards throughout the United States. Doug is also a part of ULIMI, a technology company that delivers custom software development solutions. Key platforms include Click360 - a performance management/employee engagement suite (workforce development/management & student work-based learning management), TalentHUB - a web-based platform integrating people to companies and education/training providers, and a variety of other business and human resources related technologies.


As a Co-Founder and Partner at the Center for Great Work Performance, Doug emphasizes building strong, trusting relationships with clients, strategic affiliates, and teammates as the foundation for cultural and strategic change. He and his wife Tina have four children and a grandson.


During free time Doug enjoys the outdoors, University of Cincinnati football (his alma mater), cooking, and reading.

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