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Jim Wulfeck

Jim’s background in business and education, and his unique communication skills, enable him to address the needs of all levels of the organization from top management to newly-hired associates. His past work experience includes positions in education, marketing and sales, manufacturing, quality assurance and executive management. From 1977 to 2002, through the GMP Institute, Jim specialized in helping food, drug and medical device manufacturers embrace the challenge of making Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) a Performance “Lifestyle”, not just another costly government regulation.


During this time, he has provided performance management consulting services, developed and conducted GMP training programs, and performed GMP compliance audits that have positively influenced the business strategies, systems and results of over 5000 corporations and organizations within FDA regulated industries. Major clients include the FDA, and all the major healthcare manufacturing companies such as Proctor & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck, Abbott Laboratories, Eli Lilly, Kimberly-Clark, Baxter Healthcare, Amgen, Biogen, 3M and the American Red Cross, just to name a few.


Over his career, Jim has developed and conducted certification programs, which include Sales Certification, Manager Certification, Trainer Certification, Auditor Certification and Supplier Certification. In addition, he has designed and published Quality System and Performance Excellence workshops, workbooks and audio-visual training programs that have been used to train thousands of people all over the world. Titles of his work include the following: “They Trust Us”; “Our Responsibility”; “Everyone’s Concern”; “Doing Our Best”; “GMP – The Best Way To Comply”; “GMP – Why Do We Need It?”; “GMP And The Workplace”; “Written Procedures – Our Roadmap To Quality”; “Write It Down – Keep Good Records”; “Doing The Job Right The First Time”; “Defending Against Contamination”; “Keep It Clean”; “Building Quality Into Our Products”; “Check And Double Check”; “Auditing For Compliance And Improvement” and “GMP Makes Good Business Sense”.


In addition to his leadership responsibilities at the GMP Institute and the Artisan Consulting Group, Jim served as President and CEO of Wulco, Inc., a family-owned holding company of manufacturing, distribution and service companies located in the Greater Cincinnati area from 1990 – 2002.


After selling the GMP Institute to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering in 2000 and retiring from Wulco in 2001, Jim began to design and build the Artisan Consulting Group, a premier network of performance consulting partners with the mission of helping organizations and professionals proactively master performance excellence and realize exceptional and sustainable results.


Jim is a Liberal Arts graduate of Thomas More University with concentration in English, Education, and Speech and Drama. He has done graduate work in Business Administration and Human Resources Management at Xavier University and continuing professional education in Executive Management, Operations Management and Quality Management. An avid reader and constant learner, Jim is a member of ATD (Association for Talent Development) and ASQ (American Society for Quality). He is a frequent presenter at major industry, association and company meetings on Performance Excellence, Leadership Strategies, Management Systems and Innovative Solutions. He also works with the boards of many local non – profit organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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