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The Founders at the Center for Great Work Performance have paved the way in Industry, education, not-for-profit, and community engagement. All are seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully built, managed, and sold companies from startup to over $200 million in revenue. As a team, they have combined their energies, experiences, talents, resources and skills to deliver efficient, functional, and practical solutions to drive towards achieving and optimizing great work performance.

Jim Wulfeck


Jim’s background in business and education, and his unique communication skills, enable him to address the needs of all levels of the organization from top management to newly-hired associates...

Jeffrey Heinichen


Jeffrey Heinichen, a life-long resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, who has been practicing corporate law since 1978, ventured into the world of entrepreneurship in 1986, and decided to continue his education and earned his MBA from the University of Notre Dame in 2004... 

Kurt Wells


A relentless commitment to excellence, steadfast work ethic, passionate energy, and tough-minded optimism are a few key attributes that Kurt brings to the Center for Great Work Performance (CGWP) as a Co-Founder and Partner...

Doug Goodwin


Doug has 25+ years of professional experience leading technical and customer strategy. His focus is implementing solutions to serve workforce needs and people development.

Yvan Demosthenes


Yvan Demosthenes is a Sales Professional with more than 30 years of experience, 18 years within Talent Acquisition and Recruiting.

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